Battle-sox Kick Socks for Performance

Battle-sox Kick Socks

Battle-sox kick socks are performance sports socks with Smart Responsive Technology. This SRT is a light and flexible Power Pad (yellow) that instantly hardens on impact and then immediately reverts back to its soft, comfortable form.

Battle-sox kick socks are perfect for knuckleballs, sledgehammers, topspin drives and banana curve balls. Users will add extra power, distance, speed and consistency to their kicks, without feeling any noticeable fatigue.

Price for one pair of Battle-sox: now £13.99 plus £5.00 (standard shipping fee to anywhere in the World). Standard price is £19.99 plus £5.00 standard shipping.


U.S.          Small    Medium     Large
Men's       6-8        8.5-10.5    11-14
Women's  7.5-9.5    10-12      13+
Men's       5-7        7.5-10      10.5-13.5
Women's  4.5-6.5    7-9.5        10-13
Men's       37.5-40    41-44     45-48.5
Women's  37.5-40    41-44     45-48.5



The following video demonstrates how Battle-sox Kick Socks increase performance by 11% (as measured by ball speed using an Adidas micoach Smart Ball).

Football socks with yellow dots

Soccer socks with yellow dots 



Battle-sox Kick Socks Intro

How Do Battle-sox Kick Socks Work?


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