August 28, 2015 Battle-sox Go

1. How Do Battle-sox Work?
The lightweight and flexible Power Pad is a proprietary technology. It is patented because it has a special property in that it instantly hardens on impact and then immediately reverts back to its soft, comfortable form.

2. Are Battle-sox Safe?
Yes, they are extremely safe and comfortable. They also offer protection that reduces fatigue when you train, play and kick for long periods. The FIFA Laws of the Game permit players to use soft, lightweight padded material in items of clothing or equipment because they are not considered dangerous.

3. What Evidence Is There That Battle-sox Will Boost Performance?
First, since the power pad is an established patented technology, there has been extensive scientific research that proves it instantly hardens on impact. Watch Pele being impressed by the patented technology (

Second, the invention of Battle-sox for performance kicking is relatively new so we anticipate there will be a growing number of users who will report a boost in performance. The following video link ( is just one example of an amateur user demonstrating a boost in performance of 11% (as measured in improved ball speed). With increased kicking performance, Battle-sox will add extra power, distance, speed and consistency to your game.